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Is your baby waking frequently at night? Are they struggling with day naps? Are you dreading bedtime because you know it’s going to be a struggle?

This gentle sleep training course helps you identify what is causing these frequent night wakings, and provides you with a gentle but effective day-by-day sleep training programme to help your baby sleep better and longer. I never use ‘crying it out’ and you will be with your baby every step of the way as you teach them to be a content and independent sleeper.

If you feel you need further support, OnlinePLUS might be for you. You get access to the online course above PLUS a 30 minute consultation where you can ask any questions you may have. OnlinePLUS is priced at £89. OnlinePLUS is available to purchase here.

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Upgrade to OnlinePLUS

Upgrade to our OnlinePLUS course and you’ll receive your chosen  course, in addition to a 30 minute consultation with our team. You’ll be able to have a one-to-one discussion and ask any questions you may have.

The course contains the following:

  • 10-day gentle sleep training programme.
  • Advice on how to setup your baby’s sleep environment.
  • The importance of a bedtime routine and how to implement a successful one.
  • A detailed full day routine with clear guidance on when naps should be and how to extend those ‘cat naps’.
  • It also helps you with common milestones such as dropping to two naps, sleep ‘regressions’ and much more.
  • It’s packed with videos and tools to make it simple to follow at your own pace.
  • A full Support Hub with FAQs and Troubleshooting.

What would it feel like for your little one to sleep through the night and have the right amount of day sleep? You can achieve this with my course.

If you feel you need further support, OnlinePLUS might be for you. You get access to the online course above PLUS a 30 minute consultation where you can ask any questions you may have. OnlinePLUS is priced at £89.

(13 customer reviews)

13 reviews for Online Sleep Training Course - 5 to 11 Months

  1. Holly

    Amazing course. In less than 2 weeks, my 6 month old went from waking every 1-2 hours to sleeping through with just one night feed.

  2. Pamela

    Really gentle and the outcome for our baby is just amazing

  3. Emily

    Changed our whole family’s lives.

  4. Farah Goldspink (verified owner)

    Simple, easy to follow and understand. And absolutely works!! My little one went from waking 10+ times during the night just for attention to now sleeping 7-7 at a minimum. Very grateful for you help and advice 🙂

  5. Lucy (verified owner)

    Thank you – this was very helpful, particularly in giving us ways to settle our baby (6 months). We had previously been lifting him out of the crib when he made a sound, wheareas this helped us to realise we could usually settle him in the crib (unless hungry).

  6. Katie (verified owner)

    This course had been brilliant. I started following daddy sleep consultant on Instagram when my daughter was 7 months after struggling to get her to sleep longer than 30 minutes at nap time. She also was hard to settle at night. Within a week we really noticed a difference in her sleep. She was taking longer nap and was seeming more content in the day now she was sleeping longer for her naps! Within 2 week she was self settling and sleeping overall much better. Daddy sleep consultant has not only helped my daughter sleep better but has given me more confidence
    when trying to get her to sleep and helped me feel more relaxed when putting my daughter to bed tonight. She is 10 months old now and her sleep is brilliant but if there is a bump in the road I can come back to the course if I feel I need to which is really helpful.

  7. Hannah S. (verified owner)

    Amazing – yep, one of those reviews which makes you think “yeah right!” when you’re in the thick of no sleep and crying babies!

    Our son has never napped well… 30 minutes pretty much to the second, and when he hit 5 months, he started waking crying every 1.5 to 2 hours throughout the night. He’s not a crier typically so I knew we needed to do something. He would only sleep if we rocked him and gently placed him in the cot hoping not to wake him.

    Sleep training at 5 and a half months didn’t sit brilliantly with me, and I knew I wanted a gentle approach. Hours of googling in the middle of the night brought me to the Daddy Sleep Consultant and £39 felt like a reasonable price to pay.

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t convinced it would work, and actually ‘sat’ on the course for a few weeks. But after a particularly bad night I was in the right mindset.

    Fast forward two weeks and I can’t believe the difference! The first night was hard all round but things quickly got into a rhythm. Our son now is happy to be put into his cot awake (I never thought that would happen!) and settles himself happily. He typically sleeps from 7pm until we wake him at around 7.30am, with one wake in the night for milk. He now naps for a couple of hours in the morning, and a good further 1.5 – 2 hours over two naps in the afternoon.

    We are all happier and more relaxed. I can actually get stuff done in the house whilst he sleeps! We’re currently stuck in the house quarantining and I am so grateful for the routine we now have.

    This has been a game changer. Worried I’ll jinx things by writing the review(!) but if you’re thinking you need to make changes, stick with it and you’ll see results. Wish I’d done this with my elder son too!

    Thank you so much!! X

  8. Shona (verified owner)

    I was shocked how quickly I saw results. More sleep for both of us and a break for me has been a game changer!! I wish I’d done this at 6 months and not waited until 8 months!

  9. Louise T. (verified owner)

    So our current 9 month old was going to sleep ok no problem or crying but he was waking multiple times during the night wanting a feed and being disturbed crying . I managed to try and leave him for 10 min as advised and the room was completely dark with no noise and we managed to stop the feeds just put pacifier back in and he went to sleep. We also tried to keep him active when awake during the day and our night routine was already set. He has slept much better waking at about 4 or 5am and at times managed to get him back to sleep till morning get up. Starting nursery this week has thrown him but he is more tired but not taking milk for them as well so waking and needing a feed for hunger so going back a few steps again. Me and my partner are happier that he is sleeping until the very early hours at least as my morning get up for work with two children will be early anyway. I’m glad I did the online version and most elements have been useful but timings he hadn’t necessarily followed the days as stated but every child is different

    • Chris (store manager)

      Thanks Louise for your lovely feedback. You are right in that every child is different and the course tries to reflect that. Thanks again.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Straightforward, clear and achievable. Great to have a structure to follow while being sleep deprived so no need to think about it too much. Little one now self settles at night without a peep, wish I had done this with my first.

    • Chris (store manager)

      Thank you for your feedback!

  11. Laura Savage (verified owner)

    When we started my little boy was 8mths old. We had an awful time with his sleep and always blamed his reflux and milk allergy, but after doing some research I realised we were to blame for the multiple night wakenings due to the habits we had started. A few days in we noticed a big difference and now we have a little boy who sleeps through the night and is so much more settled and a lot happier when it comes to bedtime, as are we! Thank you for making your course easy to understand and follow!

    • Chris (store manager)

      Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback Laura!

  12. Rhona O’Connor (verified owner)

    I purchased the 5-11 month online course in anticipation of my boy turning 5 months. I had already been following a loose guide of wake windows but never imagined him putting himself to sleep. Noah was fed to sleep at bedtime, ended up in the bed most nights. Rocked in his pram for very short naps which we then moved on to long contact naps! I was trapped. With a toddler also I couldn’t continue. So when he turned 5 months last week I decided to start him on the proper routine. I’m so glad I bit the bullet. With this guide I was able to implement everything I needed in order to allow Noah sleep independently! We are currently on night 5 and I kid you not, he is putting himself to sleep for bedtime and 3 naps in the cot! The last two days we’ve gotten two 1 1/2 hr naps and a 45 min nap in the cot. He has also moved to his big cot and is sleeping all night in it 7-6/7 with maybe one feed and any wake ups he gets himself back! I never believed it could truly work. Thank you so much for all the detailed information. Worth every cent! I just know we will be on to a winner come night 10!! ???

  13. Rebecca (verified owner)

    We bought the online sleep programme for our then 11 month old twin girls! We were rubbing there heads to sleep at night, walking them in the buggy for their day time naps and usually having to take them into our bed during the night! Within a few days of this programme their sleep had completely changed for the better. They now go down for naps in the cots no bother and are straight to sleep themselves at night for the whole night with no interruptions!! I would definitely recommend this programme, it helped us so so much and we are finally getting the sleep we very much need!!

    • Chris (store manager)

      Thanks for the amazing feedback Rebecca. Glad you are finally getting the sleep you need!

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