My Little Montessori Mover

Mummy's experience; Montessori explanation Why so active? Ever wondered why your little baby, who overnight joined toddlerhood, (without even asking permission) suddenly started to move around like their lives’ depended on it? Sometimes I feel like my little man must...

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The Bedtime Routine – How important is it?

Having a consistent bedtime routine is critical to your child getting a good night’s sleep. The Routine: The hour leading up to bedtime needs to be focused on getting your little one prepared for sleep. None of us sleep well when we are hyper, anxious or not relaxed,...

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How long does my baby need to sleep for?

When you first start telling everyone you are pregnant, immediately after the hugs and congratulations, come the jokes about the impending lack of sleep. Every parent knows that sleep loss is part of having a child. But the question is ‘how much sleep should your...

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I suffer with anxiety and Chris was understood my fears around sleep training. He helped me figure a way that I was comfortable. The ongoing support he provides is amazing too. 100% recommend Chris to anyone!

Nicola, Kent (Charlie, 20 months)

Jaxon had no routine; he would only sleep on us or in his bouncy chair. At night he would always end up in our bed. Now he goes to sleep in his cot himself! Chris was so helpful and responds to messages quickly. Get Chris on board, you won’t regret it.

Alana, Kent (Jaxon 10 months)

When Chris told me he could get Rohan sleeping the whole night in his cot within 2 weeks – I laughed! Night 11 on his plan and he was! And Chris’ support is genuinely unlimited. 100% recommend.
Junique, Hertfordshire (Rohan, 11 months)