I am a certified Sleep Consultant but most importantly, I am a Dad of two wonderful little boys Teddy and Rafferty who cause me endless amounts of worry but ignite a love I never knew existed.

I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and now live in Kent with my wife Dani, and the boys.

The reason I decided to become an infant sleep consultant is because hiring one literally changed my family’s life! My eldest son Teddy wasn’t a good sleeper. He would sleep in our arms for naps; bedtime could take hours; and he woke multiple times per night.

This caused many long, emotional evenings, sleepless nights and chaotic days. My wife and I became very down with the stress and exhaustion of it all. Starting a gentle sleep training programme was the best thing we ever did. Our boy was happier and more energetic, and my wife and I were sleeping better and were feeling like better parents too.

I love helping families change their lives. It also gives me the flexibility to work around my boys’ schedules and spend more time with them which is a gift in itself.

Chris has completely changed our lives! My 11 month old son was awake numerous times at night. After 10 days with Chris everything settled, I was shocked, I never believed Joseph would sleep all night in his cot on his own.
Marian, Co. Donegal (Joseph 11 months)

I recommend Chris to anyone that will listen to me. He’s amazing! And has done amazing things for my family that nobody will ever understand.
Megan, Cambridgeshire (Arabella, 13 months)

Quite literally the best money we’ve ever spent… We reached out to Chris after waiting too many months for a “sleep regression” to pass. Not only was Chris’ method very gentle, but he made sure we were comfortable with everything along the way. We can’t thank him enough.
Florence & Alex, London (Noah, 13 months)


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