Gentle sleep training approach with true unlimited support

When your child is not sleeping, it can have a huge impact on the well-being of your child, yourself and the rest of your family. We know because we have been there ourselves with our eldest son Teddy. The exhausting bed times, sleepless nights, and the inability to switch off thinking about when they will next wake up.

It’s all-consuming, emotional and draining, but it can get better.

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We specialise in designing gentle sleep training programmes specific to your family and lifestyle. We do not believe in, or use, the “crying it out” method.

With our one-to-one programme, we are the only sleep consultants who will give you unlimited support at no extra cost. Although you often see results in just a few days, we work with you until you have achieved your sleep goals. We offer free 15-minute consultations to discuss the one-to-one coaching in more detail. You can book a consultation here.

You may prefer our age-specific online course which allows you to achieve your sleep goals at your own pace.

Chris the Daddy Sleep Consultant

We are a family run business, helping families get the sleep they all deserve.

Chris is the first qualified male baby and toddler sleep consultant in the UK & Ireland and Dani – also a qualified sleep consultant – has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology covering infant development. More importantly though, we are simply Mummy and Daddy to our two amazing boys, Teddy and Rafferty.

To help with your child’s sleep, we spend time getting to know what your challenges are so we can develop a bespoke solution for your family.

We will provide all the necessary support you need so that we can work together to ensure these are positive long-term changes. We have a team of sleep consultants, trained in our methods, who provide the same level of exceptional support. Meet the team here.

I cannot recommend Chris enough. We were at the stage where Isaac and I slept in our bed and his dad in another room. Chris’ programme has changed everything for us.

Katie, Manchester (Isaac, 6 months)

After 19 months of no sleep and my wee boy breastfeeding almost every hour throughout the night I reached out to Dani for some help. Within a few days I couldn’t believe the difference – he was sleeping for 10-12 hours at night.

Kim, Glasgow (Jack, 19 months)

It really works. Dependent on dummy / soother. We had tried a couple of sleep consultants before and found advice conflicting, hard to follow, requiring further (paid) follow up consultations.
Chris understood our needs, listened, and designed a program we could follow and worked. Continuing support throughout.
Baby and entire family are happier and well rested.
Ethan & George, Manchester (James, 11 months)


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